The United States Congress is in need of radical reform

The House of Representatives, the people's chamber of federal government, is a view of our country through a darkened mirror. Partisan disputes shape proposed policy. Loyalty to party is favored over loyalty to the public. Celebrity and notoriety are valued over dedication and intelligence. Those who are elected to the House spend too much time trying to keep their jobs while they ought to be doing their jobs.


“Forget public service. We all come here with good intentions, but as  time passes, it becomes all about self-service and selfish survival.” 

-The Confessions of Congressman X 

A vision of a Congress which responds to our needs

I want to represent Utah's 4th District in the US House to be a voice and a force for the public. I will work tirelessly in shaping rules and legislation which will transform Washington from a place of disconnect and dysfunction to one of responsiveness and responsibility. I will work equally to oppose and re-shape that legislation which conforms to the failures of a congress dominated by party interests and the big-money donors.

"Leaders who do not help the people must be replaced by the people."

-Dashanne Stokes                                 

I pledge the following to you

  • I will meet with you, speak with you, hear your ideas and concerns.
  • I will relay your ideas and concerns in proposed legislation and congress at large.
  • I will read thoroughly and investigate proposed legislation to make effective decisions.
  • I will be engaged in the legislative process at every stage, from committee to enactment.
  • I will accept no money from large donors.
  • I will dedicate none of my time to fundraising.
  • I will sign no loyalty pledge to any political faction or party.
  • I will be subject to no demands from the leadership of any political faction or party 


Sheldon Kirkham is a lifelong resident of Utah and a graduate of the University of Utah (B.A., Political Science, 2005). Sheldon grew up in southeastern Utah, graduating from Carbon High School. He began his life of civic engagement with the Teenaged Republicans Society, for which he sincerely apologizes. He has resided in Taylorsville since 2010 with his partner Lisa.


In keeping with my pledge to combat the influence of big donors in our elections, please consider this contribution as your stake in the struggle.

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